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We are your trusted partner for superior restumping Brisbane Southside services. As the premier choice for homeowners and businesses seeking reliable foundation solutions, we take pride in our commitment to excellence, precision, and customer satisfaction. Our dedicated team of experts is here to ensure that your property’s foundation stands strong and stable for years to come.

Our professionalism is matched only by our team of qualified experts who work tirelessly to ensure quality restumping Brisbane Southside. From Woolloongabba to Coorparoo to Annerley and beyond, we take pride in delivering the best service in the region. Choose us today for a foundation that stands strong in Brisbane Southside.

Our Restumping Brisbane Southside Services


Our underpinning process is tailored for your property, it involves fortifying and steadying the foundation. Through excavation and reinforcement, we provide additional support, effectively addressing concerns like foundation settlement, cracks, or structural instability.

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Reblocking, also referred to as re-stumping, is a specialised procedure designed for your property’s unique needs. It entails the replacement of weakened, rotted, or damaged stumps supporting the foundation, ultimately restoring stability and structural integrity.

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Stump Replacement

Our stump replacement services are crafted to address your specific needs. This involves the removal and replacement of individual stumps supporting the foundation, enhancing the overall stability and safety of your building.

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House Restumpers

Our house restumpers, equipped with specialised skills, focus on restumping houses in Brisbane Southside. With a keen eye for assessment, we recommend personalised restumping techniques and execute the necessary repairs or replacements, ensuring your property’s longevity and stability.

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Types Of Our Restumping Techniques

There are a few types of restumping techniques used to restump a house: releveling, partial restumping, and full restumping. Here is a brief description of each type:


Releveling is a type of restumping that involves adjusting the height of the stumps to level the house without necessarily replacing the stumps. This technique is typically used when the house has sunk or has shifted due to soil movement or other factors. This restumping technique addresses everything from sloping floors to cracked walls, enhancing the property’s structural integrity.

Partial Restumping

As the name of this method implies, partial restumping refers to the partial replacement of damaged stumps in a property. It involves lifting the part of the house where the damaged stumps are located and replacing them with new ones. Partial restumping often saves time and hassle in the short term. However, it is worth remembering that the stumps that appear to be in good condition may need replacement sooner rather than later.

Full Restumping

Full Restumping is a comprehensive restumping technique where the entire house is lifted, and all stumps are replaced. This method is recommended when the house has significant structural damage and when existing stumps are too old to be repaired. If the former stumping materials were made of timber, it is advisable to opt for concrete or steel stump replacement.

Why Choose Us For Restumping Brisbane Southside?

We are experts in our field. We have worked on restumping for time immemorial, serving clients across Brisbane. Our restumping professionals know how to work with different designs, delivering lasting solutions for your flooring needs.
We serve all areas of Brisbane Southside because we’re locally-based. We proudly serve the suburbs of the local area of Brisbane Southside, ensuring that our restumping solutions reach all corners of Brisbane. Not only that, but we understand our local clientele as well as the local architecture and landscape, and we promise to deliver solutions that are tailored to your needs.

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Professional and Reliable Services

First, we trust in our professionalism. We take our work very seriously, paying close attention to detail when installing different types of restumping services, including epoxy flakes floors which require different shades of flakes.

We are highly reliable. You can always rely on us to deliver on our promises. Whether you’re located in Brisbane Southside or neighbouring suburbs such as Annerley or Holland Park, we visit every client’s home, taking precise measurements and doing accurate estimations.

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